Monday, February 4, 2013

2/4/13: Less than Two Weeks from Genghis-Con!

Hey guys!
Just a quick post today, I didn’t get a lot of painting done over the weekend, though I’ve got some pieces built; should have pictures of those tomorrow!
Brian’s Necromantic Blood Bowl Team WIP. Pretty cool models for being almost as old as I am!
For all of you in Colorado and, most importantly, the Denver area, we’re going to be down from the 16th-18th for Genghis Con 2013! I couldn’t get a 40k army I was happy with together in time, so I’m only entering the painting competition and planning on shooting the breeze and drinking the weekend away. RTGamer, on the other hand, has the better part of a Warriors of Chaos army to get through. So, wish him luck, hoping he gets them done in time and doesn’t just cop out and take Vampires (I’m calling you out RTGamer!).
Anyways, I’ve got a couple pieces I’m planning on entering. Primarily is my baby, the Giant Chaos Spawn. Should hold its own in the grand scheme of things and, while I don’t expect it to win overall, I’d love to walk away with some awards.
Secondly, I’m thinking about throwing in an older squad of mine after I redo their bases. I love my Imperial Guard army, even if I don’t play it very often. I’ve still got one of my Veteran Squads which is full of conversions and kit-bashing, so I figure with new basing and some touchups on paint, I can rock them out!
Anyone going to be at Genghis Con, I’d love to meet you and talk some gaming! I should be rocking a homemade Smells Like Wargaming shirt but, if that plan falls through, look for my iconic fire-engine red beanie and the dude wearing it making himself look like an ass!
Alrighty, what’s on the table for today? I’ve got a Blood Bowl team to roll through, an Ogre Ninja Maneater, 2 Sabretusks, a Space Wolves Army, a Heldrake, Grey Knights, Malifaux, Imperial Guard…oh geez, I should be painting, not typing!

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