Wednesday, January 30, 2013

1/30/13: Taking my Photos to the Professional Level!

Hey guys!

Man, what a week! School's been picking up a little bit, Saturday was the Magic the Gathering Gatecrash release, and the rest...well...that's for me to know! Anyways, its been a slower week on the painting front than I usually like, but that doesn't mean we don't have some pictures to share!

Gatecrash! We had 54 players turn out for the event, I got to direct the mob to their tables every game! You can see your favorite commission artist working hard on the right! Man my hat stands out... 

Monday, I grabbed my buddy Ryan (Not RTGamer Ryan, different Ryan) and had him help me take some pictures in the Documentation room up on campus. We've got a really nice setup in the art department with excellent lighting, access to a good camera, etc., so I packed up my pieces and took some shots. Granted I still need to play with them in Photoshop, but I'm rather happy with their turnout!

The Giant Chaos Spawn got the most attention, seeing as he's still sitting at the top of my painting game!

Crisis Suit Family shot!

Breaking out the Imperial Guard! Planning on rebasing these models soon!

Our favorite little buddy, the Sanctioned Psyker! 

Alpha Legion Squad and their Rhino. Wasn't happy with the individual pictures, they really washed out in the shots....

And, washed out a little too, the Orcland Raiders team!

Alrighty! That's what I've got for the week! Got an art project to finish tomorrow, then I'm planning on rolling through those Death Cultists. I've got a ton of commissions coming in very shortly, so its time to get busy!


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