Wednesday, January 23, 2013

1/23/13: Finished: Imperial Strongpoint and Abaddon, Part Deux

Hey guys!

Whoo, just missed the midnight mark on the post! Oh well, probably better it drops on Wednesday! So I finally sat down and put the finishing touches on the Imperial Strongpoint commission for my favorite Australian client! I didn't realize just how much Aegis Defence Line this kit came with! Lets jump right into pictures!

Get through this!

Women of Ivanka Coteaz' platoon hold down the defence lines.

Opted for two different color schemes; one red, one blue. It stays cohesive, yet helps identify the two different buildings for, say, Planetstrike.

Just a little graffiti, this is more of a snow scheme than anything.

Alpha Legionnaires lead their traitorous kin against the forces of the Imperium.

Shes just goading them on now!

Secondly, this model has been done for a while, I just needed to do some pictures of him. I recently was contacted by a gentleman in Italy interested in my last Abaddon model. Unfortunately for him, the last one had sold a while ago. As soon as I showed him part deux, he fell in love with the model. So here's some final shots of Abaddon before he ends up in Europe!

Abaddon the Despoiler, the Thrice-Cursed, the Arch-fiend. 

The model really helps define him as the Despoiler, as opposed to the Napoleon-Complex kit that exists now. The model is a mix of the Finecast Abaddon model and the Plastic Terminator lord, and Abaddon's topknot was replaced with an Ork Boyz' so everything flowed the right direction.

Just for fun, the Black Legion symbol is freehanded onto his right shoulderpad. Abaddon's eyes are glowing to show his unholy power, and the Blood Angels helmets on his base help show the fact he gives Blood Angels Hatred: Abaddon

May have to do a Part Trois next, though I'm debating on just modeling a sweet looking Alpha Legion Lord and counting him as Abaddon, but we'll see. Alrighty, next up is Death Cult Assassins, Malifaux, and, soon, some IG and Space Wolves!


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