Thursday, December 20, 2012

12/20/12: Imperial Strongpoint WIP!

Hey guys!

So a final blogpost before I take off for the holidays! Plan is to spend the holiday catching up on some napping and seeing friends back home, so it should be a good way to getting the hobby mojo flowing again!

I've been working on my Australian client's Imperial Strongpoint lately! Really having fun with the project, though there's a couple parts that always drive me crazy (I'm looking at you Heavy Bolters!). I've got a couple more guns to prime and paint, along with another Bastion. Aiming for some decals too, but we'll see. Should have it done by the 1st!

Pretty imposing! Take that, forces of Chaos!

The happy little red door, complete with your standard holy graffiti! Don't tell the Arbites!

  Oh, there's Chaos Cultists? The arbites must all be dead! 

Alrighty, that's all she wrote! Everyone, have a great and relaxing holiday! Don't drink to much, paint too much, or drink and paint too much! Smells Like Wargaming will resume its regularly scheduled program on the 28th!

Happy Holidays!

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