Friday, October 26, 2012

10/26/12: Modeling: Chaos Champions and Lightning Claws

Hey guys!

I feel like its been a while since I did a dedicated post on a WIP I’m working on for my own pieces. After playing my game of 40k on Saturday, I realized one big part of the Chaos codex I hadn’t seen: Champion of Chaos. This wonderful rule allows the model to roll on the Boon table, but requires the champion to issue and accept challenges whenever possible.


Now, I’m cool with challenges. I’m not cool with it when all my Champions are armed with Power Fists
though. Last edition, I ran my Chaos Marine squads with the ability to win combat and do damage against armor, hence 3 Melta shots and a power fist. With the Champions of Chaos, that champion is going to get eaten by its challengee swinging around that oversized metal fist.


So we’ve got a dilemma. Power Weapons and Lightning Claws are the same points value. The Power Weapon grants the extra attack with the pistol, but the Lightning Claw allows for the reroll to wound. My thought process here is that, in most cases, he’ll be challenging a Space Marine Sergeant, and all he’ll need to get is a single ap3 wound and he’ll be just peachy.

Thoughts? Are you sticking with your Power Fists? Power Axes and Swords the way to go? Should I just give up and start playing Fantasy? I’d love to hear your thoughts guys!

Got a little magnetizing and some painting ahead of me. And, of course, more commissions!



  1. I too have gone for the Lightning claws, but that's more for 'fluff' reasons (I play Night Lords, seemed fluffy). But yeah, the re-roll to wound seems more handy to me, and do remember you'd get the extra attack if you charged. More so if you take the Mark of Khorne anywhere!

  2. Lightning Claws on Night Lords does seem fluffy sir! 3 Attacks with that Lightning Claw should pop most unit champions and, assuming he survives the retaliation, should do some damage against MC. Got the claw magnetized for my Skull Champion, that should be a nasty unit now! >=)


  3. Gotta love Rage with a lightning claw. That's gonna hurt any character your Skull Champ takes on. For the Dark Gods!