Tuesday, October 23, 2012

10/23/12: Gaming: How Extra Life Went!

Hey guys!

I’d meant to post this guy up yesterday, but I’m still kinda retuning my brain after being up for over 24 hours!
First off, I’d just like to say thank you to everyone who supported us through the event. We raised almost $600 total for the Children’s Miracle Hospital, which I’m extremely pumped for. They’re a great cause and the more help we can give them, the better!

First off, I still had to work on Saturday, so about 8 hours of the event I spent behind the counter selling Magic Cards and whatever else, though I did get a couple games in with my Krenko goblins!
The first gaming event we had though was a Warhammer Fantasy Tournament. 6 Players showed up and, from the looks of it, had a great time!


Our local DM and Board Game guru came by and ran a game of Arkham Horror. Last I’d heard, they had defeated the nasty Cthulhu-monster and saved the world…for now!


I actually managed to get a game of 40k in too! First time playing the new Chaos Marines codex, and I have to say, its going to take some getting used to!


First off, Giant Chaos Spawn rolled up as a Maulerfiend for the game. He was a beast, and if he hadn’t gotten mauled by a Hive Tyrant, he would have caused a lot of trouble against the Nids. Cultists are fun, but I should have deployed them in a spot where they could have shot more. They ended up in CC with the Hive Tyrant after the rest of my army was killed.


This won’t end well…
The biggest thing is the Champion of Chaos rule. All sergeant upgrades get the CoC rule, meaning they have to issue and accept challenges. Not a bad thing when fighting, say, a Chapter Master. But a Hive Tyrant? That gets dangerous. I know personally I’m going to be dropping the Power Fists off my Champions and go for the Lightning Claw or Power Weapon.


The rest of the night was kinda a blur, after hitting up the bar, playing NCAA Football, UFC 2009, and FIFA 2009, then finishing the night with some Nitro Dice…don’t ask…


Damn you Nitro Dice…
A little alcohol and 3 AM gaming will knock even your favorite commission artist out for a power nap!


Got an Imperial Strongpoint to finish up this week, and should be starting some more Malifaux soon too!
Alrighty, bring on the next Extra Life event! Thankfully its only a year away!


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