Friday, October 26, 2012

10/26/12: Tutorial: Vibrant Rusting Technique

Hey guys!
Wait, what is this? A new tutorial? Get outta here! No, you read that right! This is one I’ve been wanting to do for a while, and I’ve gotten pretty positive feedback from the style, so I figured it was time to rock this guy out!
This rusting technique is perfect for accent coloring to a piece, as well as complimenting a darker piece with a bright eye-catching color.
Materials Needed
  • Orange Weathering Powder (I use Forge World’s Orange Rust)
  • A dark and light metallic color, such as Leadbelcher and Runefang Steel
  • A tissue or paper towel
Step 1: Coat the desired area in your dark metallic color (in this case, Leadbelcher).
Step 2: With your Weathering Powder, mix it together with a little water until it makes a paste. Then brush the Powder paste onto the area. Its alright if it’s a little thick.
Step 3: Using your tissue, begin to wipe away the weathering powder, focusing on the raised areas, as the rust would chip off these areas first as the object is smashed around.
Step 4: Using a detail brush, apply your lighter metallic color to the object, focusing again on the raised areas but leaving some of the darker metallics showing.
Step 5: Matte Varnish your work. Seriously, unless you wanna get orange powder all over the rest of your pieces! If the orange is too bright for your taste, you can also wash the surface with Agrax Earthshade or Nuln Oil to darken it.
This technique can apply to any surface you need. I’ve rusted the Ogre’s equipment to show how they don’t treat their armour with the greatest care, and I’ve rusted the Autoguns on my cultists to show the ragtag gear they’re running around with.
Beakie Cultist
Cultist with Flamer
I hope this helps you, the reader, out! With the new chaos book out and the new Warriors of Chaos update out, this technique would work great on Plague Marines/Warriors of Nurgle, as well as Orcs/Orks, Ogres, and even Imperial Guard!
Alrighty, back to work!

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