Thursday, September 13, 2012

9/13/12: WIP: Warhammer Fantasy Empire Chapel

Hey guys!

Kinda a slow week so far in regards to painting. I’ve got 3 Ghost Arks and some Tomb Blades I’ve been working on for a client and friend of mine, so expect some Necrons to come up soon!

Anyways, I figured I’d throw up a picture of the Fantasy Empire Chapel I was working on at work today. I'd started on it a while ago but wasn’t happy with the results. So I refocused my efforts and got this so far.


Chapel WIP 1

The tan areas are supposed to be a marble-esque look, and was achieved by basecoating the area with Stormvermin Fur (Charadon Granite), then mixing in old Bleached Bone and drybrushing that up to white. The Sigmar Comet on the sign is freehanded, and there’s some script on the right side of the building I didn’t get in the shot.

I’ve got some MDF in my car for an art project (SLW-related art project; stay tuned!) so I’m thinking a base would look nice with this model. We’ll see, its been a while since I was in a terrain kick.

Anyways, more shots of the chapel later this week along with the shambling hordes of Necrons!


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