Tuesday, September 25, 2012

9/25/12: For Sale: Chaos Just in Time for the Codex!

Hey guys!

Quick update, I’ll be finishing the 24 kt Necrons tomorrow, and should be starting on Magilla’s Charity Malifaux crew very soon, so stay tuned for that!

I’m planning on doing a little bit of “spring cleaning” (I know, its almost October) just to clear up some space on my shelf for some new and exciting projects. Thinking some of the Imperial Guard will end up there, amongst some other pieces. But, for now, I’ll settle on two big hitters.

1) Giant Chaos Spawn: eBay Link here

2) Abaddon the Despoiler: eBay Link here 
Abaddon Final

This is all that’s listed so far, but (time permitting) I’m hoping to get some other pieces up there soon. I’m in no real rush to get rid of these pieces, but whoever picks up these pieces not only gets to enjoy them in their armies, but also allows me to start on some new and fun projects. Daemon Engines and Hector Rex, anyone?


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