Friday, August 10, 2012

8/10/12: Painting: Dark Eldar Wyches WIP

Hey guys,

Just a quick update today, I’ve been rolling through the Dark Eldar commission I’ve had sitting around for way too long. The commission consists of 40 Wyches and 6 DE Slaves to be used as Pain Tokens.



The client’s specifics were that he wanted a tan drybrush, washed with purple, to do the leather. This makes the commission a very quick one to do; While the pictures only show 20, I’m already done with 30 Wyches, and I started these models on Monday. Only 10 to go and 5 Pain Tokens! Stay tuned!



  1. Thanks man! I think my favorite part about DE models is the skin, there's a lot of it on the models, but a lot of it is hidden or hard to find, which helps break up the huge patches of leather and metal.