Monday, July 30, 2012

7/30/12: Editorial: Feeling the Gaming Burnout

Hey guys,

So its been a week since I posted anything up, not to say I haven't been busy, I just forget to throw up some pictures when its easier to just throw them up on Facebook and go. Our 24 Hour painting Event ran through Durango Diceworks on Saturday was mostly a bust, with a handful of us showing up and even less lasting the entire time. Did get some Warrior Acolytes finished up though!

This post isn't for showing off pictures though, unfortunately. This post is here to exemplify the fact that I haven't been feeling the gaming bug lately. I picked up the 40k Rulebook when it came out, along with the Psychic Power Cards. I read the rulebook within the week, played with some ideas, and got a single game in. That was almost a month ago. A month since I put down models and played a game.

Its a combination of factors. The player base around here is subpar at best, and most games don't feel like they're challenging. My daemon-heavy Chaos Marines have been running over Space Wolves, Grey Knights, and Imperial Guard. When I sit down and factor out what my time is worth, I'd rather be painting or out and about, rather than play a game with these people. And I hate that feeling.

I've been putting up pictures of the terrain I've been painting for Durango Game Space, along with my own personal collection, too. Painting terrain has been a blast, and I'll hopefully be doing some more intricate pieces here soon, but even despite spending hours and hours working on getting fully painted terrain and working on my own armies, I don't have the drive to put them on the tabletop.

Lastly, and I had this conversation with my buddy, RTGamer, but I think its that what the gaming community around here wants is different than what I want for my gaming. Here, lists are stagnant and competitive. I've played the same boring Long Fang/Grey Hunter/Rune Priest list a dozen times. Yes, I understand its what that particular player wants to run, but in the end, I'd rather be running a narrative campaign with a fun, themed approach, rather than beatstick tournament games.

With regards to Durango Diceworks, I'm the 40k Guy. Players have questions on gaming, painting, modelling, etc., they come to me. So its kinda disheartening to feel so burntout on my favorite game. I love painting the models and the fluff, but the game, in all honesty, just isn't doing it for me.

Is it time to jump into a new game? I've got Tomb King Chariots sitting on my desk, and hopefully should have a mini-rulebook coming too. I could always jump into Warmachine, but the beatstick players there are the beatstick 40k players, and I'd rather slit my wrists then play them again.

Anyways, end rant. I've got plenty of pieces to paint and rock through, both commissions and my own projects. Maybe some new Chaos pieces and the Codex will be the key to reinvigorating my 40k buzz, but I'm thinking its time to put 40k on the shelf and focus on something else.



  1. Did you participate in the old Medusa V Campaign?

    What if we could figure out a way to reboot a campaign like that, but across the blog-o-sphere?

    Something where the write up after the battle was as important as the winning of the battle.

    I'm just throwing out ideas, but if there were enough people willing to help tabulate scores it is something that could be done.

  2. I didn't, but I remember watching the old Storm of Chaos results and how it affected everything. That's not a bad idea though Spyrle, I'll think on it :)