Thursday, July 12, 2012

7/12/12: WIP: Imperial Fists Motorpool

Hey guys,

Quick post today, I just figured I’d share the Imperial Fists vehicles I’ve been working on the last couple of days. Goal is to have a Vindicator, Three Rhinos, and Two Predators done by Monday. If everything goes as it is, I’ll hit the goal no problem.

Vindicator Two Rhinos

Kinda a blurry shot, but you get the picture! I opted for Black doors on the Rhinos, as it just helps to break up the huge amount of yellow on the vehicles.

Imperial Fists, in all honesty, aren’t a difficult army to paint, its more of a matter of blocking in colors over it that gets tedious. You’re going to do a yellow basecoat, no matter what method you decide to go with, and it eventually comes down to blocking in black or red over the yellow. Love the look of the army when its all finished though, there needs to be more Banana armies running around!

Alrighty, rocking through the Predator Tanks before work today. Also, I’m working on a group of Hexwraiths for a local client, and seeing as I let him pay me back in store credit and product (he co-owns the shop I work at), I’ve got one of these bad boys on the way:


I really hate the look of this model though, so expect the Smells Like Wargaming treatment on this model. New Weapons, new head, different pose, he’ll be a Bloodthirster to be proud of!

Off to work!



  1. Man those tanks are cool! Nice bold yellow.

  2. Thanks man, I'm really happy with how the entire group has turned out, and they should look perfect with their prior commission. Its hard to keep waves of commissions looking coherent sometimes!