Wednesday, July 18, 2012

7/18/12: Completed: Imperial Fists Motorpool

Hey guys!

So I’ve been busy rolling through some bright yellow tanks the last week and a half!


The completed motorpool is, obviously, a Vindicator, 3 Rhinos, and, my favorite, 2 Predators. Don’t see enough Predators these days, but with the ability to move and shoot, I think you’ll start to see them more often on the table, especially with Codex Marines and Chaos Marines.


The Rhinos are all marked differently, and are numbered as to prevent confusion later on the tabletop.


I opted for black turrets on the Predators to break up the huge patches of yellow on the tanks. Again, these are numbered as well.


Lastly is a Vindicator. The chevrons were painted by hand with no tape, amazingly. Basic highlighting and some dusting helped it look more natural (and like a siege shield!).

The biggest trick I’ve found with Imperial Fists is breaking up the huge patches of yellow. Weathering helps a lot, as well as black panels and rivets. Unless you want pure yellow Imperial Fists, black and red are your best friends while working on them.

Alrighty, I’ve got 10 Sternguard and 5 Assault Terminators to do to complete the commission. Along with that, there’s some more Malifaux and various other pieces.

Keeping busy!


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