Wednesday, April 11, 2012

4/11/12: Tutorial: Painting Purity Seals, the SLW Way!

Hey guys!

What’s this? A tutorial?! I’ve been getting compliments on how I do my purity seals, so I figured I’d put up another tutorial and show you all how I do them! Trust me, its easy. This works on anything paper, from purity seals to parchment, books, seals, and anything else like that.

Painting Purity Seals
Colors Needed:
  • Charadon Granite
  • Dheneb Stone
  • Skull White (optional)
  • Any color and its highlight for the wax
Painting the Paper
Step One: Paint the parchment Charadon Granite.


Step Two: Using a 1:1 mix of Charadon Granite and Dheneb Stone, paint the parchment, keeping the Charadon Granite in the folds and recesses. It doesn’t look like you’ve done a lot, but it’ll help blend the final step.


Step Three: Paint the parchment Dheneb Stone, again leaving the Charadon Granite in the recesses and the 1:1 mix around it. As I said, step two helps blend the two stark colors and keeps the paper looking smoother.

Step Four (optional): Using a very fine tipped brush, carefully paint small lines across the parchment. You don’t need to write anything, broken up lines convey the look of text, especially at this level.


Works fine with more important characters too, like Captains or even Sergeants!


Painting the Wax
Step One: Using your chosen base color, coat the purity seal. I’m using Scab Red.


Step Two: Using a fine tipped brush, dot your highlight color onto the wax. By dotting the paint, the wax will look pitted and stamped, which is what we want.


You can see it better on the right side.

Purity seals really help to tie colors across a model. A warm army like Imperial Fists benefit from a red wax, while armies like Raven Guard or Iron Hands might do better with a Green or Blue. Just use what you think will work best with the army!

I hope this helps all you painters out there having trouble with Purity Seals. Obviously you can go deeper, but this works great on standard infantry where you just want to get things done and looking good. Speaking of looking good…


SEXY! Plan’s to get half the squad done this evening, then work on some homework…stupid papers…


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