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4/16/12: Painting: Granesh Made an AMAZING Army Score…Oh Yeah, and a Tournament!

Hey guys!

Busy weekend! Had a day full of painting and Dawn of War (never actually played them before) on Saturday, mainly to get ready for my tournament at Durango Game Space on Sunday. My list made a couple of changes, but for the most part stayed the same. I ran:
  • Abaddon the Despoiler
  • 8 Khorne Berserkers with 2 Plasma Pistols and a Personal Icon with a Skull Champion with Plasma Pistol/Power Fist/Meltabombs.
  • Land Raider with Daemonic Possession and Havoc Launcher
  • Two 7 man Plague Marine Squads with 2 Meltaguns and personal Icons with an Aspiring Champion with Power Fist/Combi-Melta/Meltabombs, in Rhinos with Extra Armour/Combi-Melta.
  • 8 Summoned Lesser Daemons
The list was a little more competitive than the first Abaddon incarnation, mainly because I wanted my Troops to be pretty powerful in case Abaddon bit the big one.
I don’t have a lot of pictures unfortunately, as that kind of stuff slips my mind when I’m gaming sometimes…
Right, the mission. The tournament was the same mission three times. In order to win, you had to hold both your objective AND the center objective, meaning that you really couldn’t just camp and try to blow your opponent away.

Game One: Ended up playing the one army I was worried about: Dark Eldar. I’ve never actually played them before, but I know just how mean they can be. My deployment all three games was only three models, but maneuvering them was key, and I failed miserably against them. I didn’t get the assault with Abaddon, and I watched an Archon and 5 Incubi eat through 8 Zerkers and 7 Plague Marines before cutting Abaddon down. Abaddon did splat a ton of Wyches, Warriors, and Incubi though before he fell.

I ended up losing the game pretty badly, with an Immobilized Rhino full of Plague Marines barely holding my objective.

Game Two: This game was against a guy who’d only played four games of 40k before, and wasn’t prepared at all. No dice, no tape measure, and his buddy’s CSM army, a little frustrating. He was playing Chaos Marines though, so I was able to help him out with any rules he’d forgotten. I finally got to see the Abaddon squad in action, which wiped out a Possessed squad, a Lash Sorcerer, and 5 Khorne Berserkers without breaking a sweat. Abaddon didn’t roll a 1 at all this game, and actually rolled 5s and 6s, which was really nice. I ended up winning this game easily, and gave the guy some advice for when he really gets into the game, so we may have a new Blood Angels player running around the 4 Corners area!


Game Three: Not even sure what to say here…I ended up playing a Tau player…that’s right, TAU. He was running a foot army with MSU Fire Warriors, a Crisis Suit Commander with squad, a Hammerhead, Stealth Suits, and an Ethereal with Honor Guard. I’m not sure what he was doing, but he deployed his Ethereal behind his suits, then moved the suits when I moved up with the Land Raider. Needless to say, Abaddon’s squad annihilated the Ethereal, which broke his Fusion Stealth Suits, who then fled off the board. Abaddon would roll through the Command Squad and two more Fire Warrior Squads, and I actually ended up tabling the poor guy. No pride there, I kinda feel bad in all honesty. Fun game though, the Tau player’s hilarious!


So at the end of everything, I came out with two wins and a loss, netting me a fourth place win. I’m just glad I got out, played some 40k against armies I’ve never faced with my CSM, and got to meet up with some old friends.

Speaking of old friends, my buddy Lee I used to play in Aztec was down playing his Orks (here’s a shot
of his awesome buggies)

and I learned his was moving and hoping to dump his orks off. Over 150 orks and nobz, some Warbosses, characters, a bunch of vehicles, and a Stompa, for about $200. Now, seeing as I just moved into a new apartment, I cant really drop that kinda cash, so I had to reject the offer. Right before I left though, he had an idea. He was looking to get into Imperial Guard, and was actually hoping to build an army based on how I used to play my IG.

So I ended up trading 1 Lord Commissar, 1 Veteran Squad, 1 Platoon Command, 2 Infantry Squads with Commissars, 3 Chimeras, a Leman Russ, and 3 Sentinels, and scored this:


The box at the top has Ghazghkull, Mad Dok, Kommandos, and a bunch of kitbashed Warbosses and Big Meks. We’re looking at:

118 Boyz with Slugga/Choppas, Big Shootas, and Rokkit Launchas
33 Shoota Boyz/ Lootas.
30 Nobz
Several AoBR Warbosses and one Metal one.
2 Big Meks with Shokk Attack Gunz (Custom Builds)
5 Metal Kommandos
Mad Dok Grotsnik
3 Killa Kans
1 Deff Dread
2 Looted Wagons
1 Battlewagon
Various bits and pieces
However, it gets better. The crème de le crème of the offer was this:


A fully built Stompa. So plan is to paint some of these, namely the characters, vehicles, Stompa, and maybe some Orks. So if anyone’s looking to get into Orks and wants certain pieces, email me at SmellsLikeWargaming at hotmail dot com, and we can work something out.

Alrighty, plan is to get most of the Imperial Fists primed, it stopped snowing here, so I can actually get some work done!


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