Monday, April 30, 2012

4/30/12: Painting: Nurgle Daemon Prince, Imperial Fists, and a Nob!

Hey guys,

So I spent this weekend getting more Imperial Fists done, as well as a Nurgle Daemon Prince for my client down in Australia. I’m really happy with how he came out, so lets get started with some pictures!


First off, I’m amazed at the little details on this model. His left arm has a corroded fly icon on it, complete with censers and tubes and everything else that’s nasty. His left kneepad is a brass plaguebearer, and all over the place is little symbols of Nurgle. Love this model, if I didn’t already have two Princes, I’d have to pick him up.

As you can see too, the client wanted wings on this guy, so a little GS work and some drilling, and the plastic Prince wings fit him perfectly!


Losing the fight to my lighting…anyways, the Fists are coming along. The 2 missing guys in the right squad are almost finished, just got the Special Weapons guy magnetized. Plan is to get the Scouts started today, and should have all the infantry done this week. Most everything is primed already, so its just a matter of washing, blocking in color, and detailing.


Lastly, I had this Nob sitting on my desk and figured I’d finish him up to lead my Shoota Boyz. The light washed out the checkers on his helmet and shoulderpad, but they’re there. Minor conversion work to get the Power Klaw on, but I’m really happy with where he’s going.


The Nob quickly learned to not taunt the Chaplain on bike, especially when that Chaplain has Meltabombs…

I feel like I’ve been neglecting the blog lately, which is no bueno. With school out and a lot of painting time before me, I’ll be updating it more often with pictures, maybe an army list or two. We’ve been working on getting the gaming group together down here, so hopefully I’ll be playing more 40k here in the near future!



  1. All looks great man! Top work! The drop pod looks great, but of course the standout for me is the Prince :D

  2. How did you get the wings on the Nurgle Daemon Prince?