Thursday, May 3, 2012

5/3/12: Painting: Imperial Fists WIP, Mags’ Castellan Crowe, and Evil Sunz Orks!

logo Imperial Fists

Hey guys,

Quick update before work!

So I’ve been rocking through the Imperial Fists, trying to get everything done by this weekend. I’m not sure if I’ll hit that goal, but I’m gonna try!





I’m not entirely sure how happy I am with them, I’m never big on the whole “color and wash” technique, but it gets them done nice and quickly that way. I’ll make up my mind when everything’s done.

Also finished is Castellan Crowe for Magilla Gurilla’s Green Knights Part Deux! Really happy with him, he was a good break from the Land Raider and the Drop Pod.



Pewter Draigo is hanging out on my desk right now, so expect him soon.

Lastly, I took an hour break from the Fists and got some Orks generally finished. Need to finish the Choppa, do some eyes and detail work, etc etc., but you get the gist of it. 4 Speed Freaks down, 150+ to go!…


And with a better shot of the Nob!


Just remembered too! The building bug hit me last weekend, so I sat down and did some work on my
Looted Wagon with Boomgun!


It started off as a really badly done Wagon from a Rhino. I popped the doors off, the top hatch, and the front plate. I cut the front plate down and built a housing for the Boomgun, which comes from the Shadowsword kit. The Grot Rigger’s nest is the sponsons to a Predator with some plasticard and extra bits added for structural integrity.



“Uhhh, Boss. I don't fink dis is where we should get off da wagon at…”

Been working my butt off the last couple of days! Plan is to get the Fists all finished and sent out, relax for a day or two, then jump right into the Dark Eldar! Hoping to write up some Ork lists for our tournament coming up in a couple of weeks too, so expect some lists to pop up too! Any ideas on how to run Deffkoptas?


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  1. Looking awesome Granesh. I think this will be great being just in time for 6th edition. Don't hate on yellow too much...I'm working on acquiring the vehicles for stage two! Hope you like painting vindicators...