Wednesday, March 14, 2012

3/14/12: Painting: Plaster Dragon’s Teeth; For Sale: Necron Scarabs!!

Hey guys!

Sorry for the lack of posts this week, I’ve been pretty busy getting the next painting class ready for Saturday, as well as working in the art building on campus and getting some other things done. Doesn’t mean I don’t have something to show for it!

When I was in Grand Junction last week getting a few things, I came across something I’d been hoping to pick up for a while: an Icecube Tray. Now, dear reader, I know you’re saying, “Why the hell do we care if Granesh makes ice?”. But I say Nay, hold on sir or ma’am!

I had some extra plaster left over from another project, so I mixed up some of that and poured it into the Icecube Tray. Couple hours later, and I had plenty of Dragon’s Teeth. I damaged them by dropping them against the concrete floor while they hadn’t fully set, and got them on some mdf bases.


I added some extra damage with the sharp end of a screw, then got them sealed, primed, and painted! They aren’t 100% done, but I’m happy with them the way they are now!



Really not too hard, they block line of sight a little bit, and work well as a small chunk of area terrain. Should work for 40k, as well as Fantasy too! (Hey, Empire Engineers need to stop Skaven Doomwheels somehow!)

Also, I’ve listed the Necron Scarabs I painted about a month ago on eBay! Here’s the link: These are perfect for you Necron Players wanting to get the Necron Farm up and running, or even just those trying to build a fun and balanced force.




Alrighty guys! Plan is to finish Monster Rain’s new Necron Barge tomorrow, as well as Mike’s Eldar pieces! Need to catch up on some stuff!


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