Monday, March 19, 2012

3/19/12: Finished: Necron Overlord and Command Barge

Hey guys,

So last week, Monster Rain from over at Table Top War came to me, asking if I still had some of my Necrons and if I could get him one painted up and ready to go. I, of course, obliged!

Sorry for the pictures, but lack of a sunny day, coupled with an entirely metallic paint scheme, is a task in and of itself!



The underslung weapons are magnetized for all you tesla junkies out there!



And the Overlord! I stuck with silver as a cool compliment to the warm gold and red tones. Really happy overall with the project, and I hope to see this guy rolling around the battlefield!


Die Vindicator, Die!!

Alrighty, kicking it into high gear this week! Lots going on both commissions-wise and otherwise, so expect a lot of updates, pictures, and other things, both here and on the Facebook page!


edit: Lots, not Nots...oops...


  1. Very warm and inviting model no wonder that innocent vindicator has been caught in it's sights.

    The red compliments it well and is nice to see the whole metallic vehicle with matching passengers doesnt look odd as was worried mine would turn out that way when I eventually get to it.

  2. Yeah, to be honest, when he said he wanted a pure gold Necron Barge and Overlord, I was worried it wasn't going to turn out right...they actually look unified and cohesive!

  3. He went buckwild on Saturday, man. That barge was a major factor in two of my wins, and pretty much got me the draw in the only game I didn't win.