Friday, February 3, 2012

2/3/12: Painting: Better Alpha Legion Biker Shots

Hey guys,

So Ron from From the Warp wanted some more detailed shots of my Alpha Legion Bikers, so I figured I’d do a more in-depth post on them!



The squads usually run in 1 group of 4, although I could drop it down to three and just give the Icon Bearer a Plasmagun.

The Champion is magnetized, meaning he can wield his usual Power Sword, or a Power Fist, especially if my first CSM squad isn’t using theirs.



There’s a little tone variation from the squad and the rest of the army. Its not too noticable.


Also magnetized is the first Plasma Gunner. Sure Plasma’s good, especially with Relentless, but for a unit designed to get up close, I’d prefer Melta or even a Flamer sometimes!


Plasma Gunner #2 isn’t magnetized, mainly because I can’t remember if his arm is one piece or the arm and the gun. I’m happy with the pose as well, gives him a sense of purpose with that gun!


Lastly, the linchpin to the unit, the Icon Bearer.


Little details galore! Script on his bike and the banner, little Hyrda symbols, the use of Scorpion Green for the bright colors. Everything flows with the unit.



The squad is designed to be a fast moving Chaos Icon. For about 200 points, the squad turbo-boosts up for the 3+ save, weathers a turn of shooting, then, depending on location and what needs to die, may bring the Summoned Lesser Daemons in to assault a pesky vehicle or jump on a rear objective. The squad is then free to harass slow tanks or units on foot, no matter the armament.

The squad worked perfectly last week, and although the Daemons never came on the board (fast game…), the Bikers messed up 2 Vindicators and drew fire from a Whirlwind away from my other guys. For a unit that a lot of people don’t like to use, they do me pretty well!

If there’s any other pictures of my personal armies (IG, Tau, Chaos) or any other random projects from Granesh you want to see, just say so in the comments, through our Smells Like Facebook page, or via email!

Hopefully, more Chaos, Eldar, and maybe a Necron this weekend! Huzzah!


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  1. Very nice! I love the muted tones and the contrasting highlights with Scorpion Green. Thanks for posting the better pics.

    Ron, From the Warp