Thursday, February 2, 2012

2/2/12: Finished: Mike’s Thousand Sons and Eldar War Walkers; Bloodletters and Chaos Bikers

Hey guys,

So I’ve been rocking through projects over the last week while dancing around school projects, assignments, and homework. I think I’ve done pretty good though!

First up is the Thousand Sons squad for Mike’s big Chaos detachment I’m working on.



The client’s army is blue and orange (Orange Crush!), ala the orange on the models.


Really happy with how these turned out, though the vine work is alright.


Still have a Vyper, 3 Wave Serpent-style tanks, and the new FW models to do!

Somehow, I managed to try a couple of my own pieces too. Rather happy with the Bloodletter, although the sword is just ok in my book.


Matches the Berzerkers too!


Finally, I got the biker bases all finished too. Got to play them in a game on Saturday (beat Deathstar Blood Angels), so Granesh is 2-0 in my Local Ladder League! Hoping to get the Alpha Legion out on the table again this Saturday! Oh right, pictures! Of course…


I’ve been going back in and retouching up areas I wasn’t happy with, so the Champion got the Power Sword redo like his on foot counterpart, and the one Plasmagunner is magnetized, I forgot the other one was a full bit…


The Alpha Legion summon in the chosen of Khorne to sneak attack their foes.


More Orange Crush Chaos Marines on the way, along with Eldar. After them, The Sons of Dorn!



  1. This chaos force is awesome,
    however i ESPECIALLY like the tzeentch guys!
    keep em coming please!
    I am now following your blog, you can follow me too at

    and join the network at

  2. NUTS! I wish the Alpha Legion pics were in focus, I desperately wanted to see the models in detail.

    Ron, From the Warp

  3. Hey Ron,
    I discovered they were fuzzy right after I posted them on the blog. I'll get some better ones tomorrow at some point, just for you :)