Wednesday, February 22, 2012

2/22/12: The Last Hurrah of the SLW Tervigons

Hey guys,

So as you all know, the big chatter around the internet is the announced release of both the Thunderwolf Cavalry and many of the Tyranid creatures people had been waiting for.
For those of you who haven’t seen her, here’s the new Tervigon:


Valkyrie/Trygon/Dreadknight base? Oh yeah. It’s a big, lumbering beastie we’ve got here. So, I figured in response to this new kit, I’d give my Tervigon their last call before being consumed by the plastic wave.

Tervigon (1)

Tervigon #1 was built back in 2010, maybe three months after the new book had dropped. You can see the base is bigger than a regular Carnifex, and the concept of the birthing Gants are all in order. This guy was also featured on Games Workshop’s site in May of 2010. Say, those birthing sacs kinda match…hmmm….

Tervigon (8)

Tervigon #2 was a difficult kitbash out of an already assembled Carnifex I received as payment for the first one I’d built. Not quite as refined, and the use of plastic glue meant I had to stick with the standing posture.


Tervigon #3 was for a client in the UK, one of my first ever commissions for a gentleman. No paint as the guy wanted to paint it himself, but you can see the second Tervigon in the background.


Tervigon #4 was initially done for myself, as I had been playing with the idea of doing the Five Tervigon list at that point, and was debating on jumping headfirst into it. Needless to say, I don’t envy having to paint nearly 200 gants, so onto eBay this guy went.


Tervigon #5 came about as a result of GW forgetting the tail piece in the box of the Carnifex I built #4 with. A call and a week later, I had most of a Carnifex in. Picked up a second tail on eBay and BAM! Tervigon #5. You can see the talon differences in this one compared to the others as a result of the box.


Tervigons #6, 7, and 8, came about this summer for a client planning on a HUGE Tyranid army. Needless to say, the project never went through, but he wanted the 3 Tervigon done up anyways. You can see how well they fit on a Valkyrie base in this shot, and I feel they’d hold up to the new plastic one still.


And lastly, Tervigon #9, done for a current client of mine. As I’d liked how 6, 7, and 8 turned out, I set him up with a Valkyrie base. Gant was thrown in for free, just because I’m cool like that!


You can also see how the carapace was widened this time in order to increase its size and girth. Really
makes the birthing sacs fit better too!


And there you have it! Nine Tervigon constructed over the course of two years. I must say they were a blast to build, and while I’ll be disappointed that I no longer get to kitbash these guys, I’m glad that Nid players are finally getting easy and affordable access (not that SLW isn’t affordable!) to probably the best unit in the Tyranid Codex.

Whew…getting all choked up here….off to get Mike’s pieces finished! Tally ho!