Thursday, December 8, 2011

Painting: Dreadfleet and Mag’s Green Knights; Tactics: Running Havocs with No Heavy Weapons?

Hey guys,

So with the upcoming finals week, the blog is going to go a little more on the backburner, at least until Monday afternoon, when my 2 hardest finals are finished. Dreadfleet should be finished by mid-next week, as well as my client’s Khador (haven’t forgotten ya buddy!) by the end of the week. Hoping to get some more stuff painted for the Alpha Legion then too. More thoughts on the XX Legion soon too…

Alrighty, painting! First up is more Dreadfleet! Some islands, Sea Monsters, treasure, tools, and a Ship!



Treasure Tokens. EXTREMELY easy to rock though!


Really happy with both the Wind Gauge and the Ship’s Wheel. Got another wheel to do! Need to get another shot of the Gauge too…



Finally, my favorite ship done, the Curse of Zandri. Really fun ship, though there’s a lot of little obnoxious details on there. Apparently too, you can fire a Catapult off a moving ship…go figure…There’s no cannons, just Catapults and Ballistae.

Also finished is the first Dreadnought for Mag’s Green Knight army! Going for Greek Titan names for these guys, so here’s Coeus!



The script turned out funny…may need to invest in a new detail brush…


Warrior Acolytes ho!

Alrighty, so Chaos Havocs. Everyone loves Devastators now thanks to their ability to run a TON of missile Launchers. Now, I’ve been listening to back episodes of one of my favorite podcasts, World’s End Radio, and JJ mentioned an interesting point that I’d never really considered before. How about running Chaos Havocs as a close support unit instead of a long range unit?

JJ proposed running 4 Havocs and a Champ with either Flamers or Meltas as a drive-by shooting unit, and I must say, I love this idea. I was planning on running a unit of Chaos Chosen, but with the Chosen, you can only take 4 special weapons; Power fists, meltaguns, combi-weapons, etc.


With the Havocs, I can throw 4 and a Champion in a Rhino with 4 Meltas, an Icon of Chaos Glory, and a Champion with Power Fist/Combi-Melta. A little expensive at 235 points, but what’s not a little expensive in the Chaos book? 2 Shots riding around in the Rhino, and if need be, they can jump out and pump 5 Melta (6 with the Rhino’s Combi-Melta) shots into a unit. OUCH! Just goes to show there's still aspects to the Chaos Marine book I’m not great with.

Having a ton of fun with this army so far though, glad to be running things like Chaos Marines, Slaaneshi Terminators, Khorne Zerkers in a Rhino, and Chaos Bikers!

Alrighty, off to work again. Big paper for Global Christianity due on Monday, a cumulative final for Art History as well, and a couple of art projects, on top of finals. Gonna be a long weekend!



  1. Nah, double check you book, its 4 generalist specialists and one weapons specialist. you could do your champ w/ melta, Icon and pfist

  2. You're right. Interesting...dunno if I'd really be using their Infiltrate rule though. Gotta think about this...

  3. First of, the Green Knights look great! Very Sexy and just what I had envisioned.

    Secondly, listen to 11th Company's special on CSM. They do a fantastic job of discussing the codex and ways to use Havocs as close fire support with special weapons. I also think they have a video Batrep in which Neil uses the army to great effect!