Friday, December 9, 2011

For Sale: Painted/Magnetized Necron Overlord with Ever-Living Counter

Hey guys,

So I was sitting there thinking about it, and I probably won’t have time here in the near future to do that entire Necron army. So over the next couple of months, I’ll be painting and selling the little groups I have!

First up is the Necron Overlord with Ever-Living Token.




As you can see, the Resurrection Orb hand is magnetized, allowing for extra WYSIWYG.


The marbling on his shoulderpads and loincloth have been retouched with Gloss Varnish to give it a sheen. There’s plenty of glowing effects, marbling, and metallics, all to make the Overlord stand out on the table top! The basing is fairly neutral as well, meaning that he’ll fit in with just about any Necron army!

He’s listed on eBay here: Necron Overlord with Ever-Living Token.

Should have some pictures of more GK and some Khador up soon, assuming I get time this weekend around finals and studying….ugh.



  1. I want that. Facebook me, son! haha

  2. Hey, I've got you on Facebook. You've yet to like the SLW page sir! :D

  3. Done!

    Good luck selling it, buddy. My accountant, I mean wife, you have my stones in a vice if I spent $80 on a model this time of year. Which isn't to say that it isn't worth that much; this is some outstanding work.

  4. Why thank you sir! If it doesn't go this time around, I'm sure I'd be happy to cut you a deal on him though :) I'll keep in touch!

  5. :)

    While I do hope you get what you're asking for, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't secretly crossing my fingers right now. lol

  6. Hey, I'd be happy to see him go to a nice home! I also have a box of warriors, a Command/Annihilation Barge, and a Cryptek waiting for paint, just in case you're interested :)