Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Digital: Smells Like New Logo!

Hey guys,

Sorry for the lack of recent updates. Dreadfleet will be done by friday at the latest, meaning I can focus on the Khador and Green Knights. Also picked up a stupid-fun project for break, I’ll let you all know what it is soon!

Anyways, I figured I’d just let you all check out the new logo! Did this back in October for a Digital Media class, actually ended up being some of my best pieces for this semester. I think I have a shot of all three…lemme look…

Ah! Here’s the piece I had hanging up in the gallery show last week (its now up in my room!)


For someone who’s not a Graphic Design major, I’m rather happy with their turnout. As you can see, the new logo is the center one, the black lines reversed with white, and some extra text (Vanilla Whale font, for anyone interested). Love to hear some feedback!

Other than that, keep painting! I’ll have some Dreadfleet shots up tomorrow!


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