Friday, December 16, 2011

Teaser: Finished DREADFLEET!; 300 Point Objective-Grabbing Xmas Game tomorrow: What to Bring?

Hey guys!

So after a lot of late nights and caffeine, Durango Game Space’s copy of Dreadfleet is finished! I’ll be going into the shop tomorrow (to preface the next part) for pictures, so expect full-on action shots then!

Here’s a teaser picture though!



Alrighty, so Durango Game Space is running an interesting game idea tomorrow. Here’s the specs I know:

  • 300 Points Max
  • 1 HQ and 1 Troops Choice

Easy enough, right? The whole game is objective. The table is going to be packed with terrain. Objective Markers are labeled with $$ amounts off product in the shop. I love this idea! Last one on the board gets $15 off, and objectives have between $0-15 off. You have to grab the objective and carry it off the table.

My decision is, though, is which army to bring?

I have two list ideas: One fairly good, one more for fun (all are WYSIWYG for any weird upgrades)

Green Vet Squad (1)

List 1: IG Raiding Party

  • Lord Commissar with Power Weapon/Melta Bombs
  • 10 Man Veteran Squad with 3 Meltaguns, 6 shotguns, and demolitions (melta and demo charge) and a Sgt. with Powerfist/Shotgun, in a Chimera with Hull-mounted Heavy Flamer and Extra Armour.

Fairly mobile squad with good shooting, decent CC (if necessary), and LD 10 thanks to the Lord Commissar. If I wanted, I can swap him out for a Primaris Psyker, and give the Chimera an upgrade or something.


List 2: Gift of Chaos Alpha Legion

  • Chaos Sorcerer with Mark of Slaanesh, Melta-bombs, and Gift of Chaos.
  • 5 Chaos Marines with Icon of Chaos Glory and a Meltagun, in a Rhino with Daemonic Posession and a Combi-Melta.

Again, fairly mobile squad with decent shooting, CC ability if needed, and the ability to reroll a failed Morale Check thanks to the banner. Gift of Chaos is there for fun, and lets me run the Chaos Spawn I picked up yesterday (That’s right, I’m using SPAWN!) hopefully. Daemonic Posession keeps it moving regardless of Shaken or Stunned, and keeps it focused on the objectives.

I’m thinking the Guard list, but the Chaos Marines could be fun. Any suggestions?

Next up on the painting block: Khador!



  1. Interesting little game concept; of the two choices presented, I would take the IG; although you do need a dozer blade if it is going to be terrain heavy.

    Having said that, at 300 points, some of the biggest nightmares are going to be Orks. At 300 points, orks can really pack in the models and between a Warboss or Big Mek, they can get some nasty combinations going. While speed will be important, the shear amount of terrain is going to be the hindrance to vehicles. In addition, people will be so busy blowing the living snot out of each other, rushing in and out with the piece will be much tougher than you imagine. As such, you need some diversity in your units and I think your guard is perfect.
    You can take a command squad with a vox-caster to help deliver orders, a flamer which is great for terrain and double melta to help deal with pesky vehicles or heavy armored troops.
    For troops, you can take a platoon. The Platoon command squad will get a vox-caster, double flamers and a melta; basically the company command squad flipped around.
    The rest is 2 ten man squads with a grenade launcher; one squad has a sergeant with a vox-caster; the other squad has a sergeant with a melta-bomb and a Commissar w/ Power weapon.
    At 300 points should be light vehicles and this coupled with the Orders means your ubiquitous grenade launcher should be nasty.

    300 Pts - Imperial Guard Roster
    Total Roster Cost: 300
    Company Command Squad w/Vox Caster, Flamer, 2x Meltaguns
    1 Infantry Platoon of
    Platoon Command Squad w/ Vox Caster, 2x Flamer, Meltagun
    Infantry Squad w/ Grenade Launcher, Sgt w/ Melta Bomb, Commissar w/Power Weapon
    Infantry Squad w/ Vox Caster and Grenade Launcher

  2. All very good points Mags. I was playing around with the idea of a CCS and a Platoon, but my biggest worry is staying on foot the entire game and not being able to carry the objective off the table in time, hence the Chimera. Good point with orks, though I think the meta I've seen so far is GK, Eldar, Tau, and BA, so I'm not too worried about them. Thinking I may drop a meltagun to a Flamer and throw that Dozer Blade on the Chimera.