Monday, November 14, 2011

Gaming: Necron Thoughts, Part Deux


Hey guys,

So I got another chance to play Necrons on Sunday, and had a chance to figure out some little tricks and little things that, at least to me, seem very important to the Necron army.

Lots of fun little pictures too. Sorry for the color, the lighting in Durango Game Space is a little bleh. Anyways, to the meat of the post.

Alpha Legion CSM vs Necrons: 1000 Points

My friend was running a Deathstar unit in Imotehk the Stormlord and 7 Lychguard (the IG running around in the pictures). There was also 5 Immortals, 5 Warriors, 4 Scarabs, and an Annihilation Barge.


I was running:

  • 2X Nurgle Daemon Princes with Wings and Warptime.
  • 8 Khorne Berserkers with Skull Champ and Plasma Pistol in a Rhino with a Combi-Melta.
  • 10 Alpha Legionnaires with Flamer, Meltagun, Icon of Chaos, and a Power Weapon.
  • Vindicator with Daemonic Possession


First off, the game was Pitched Battle with Annihilation. I ended up winning the game 4 KP to 0; all my friend had left was Imotekh and the Lychguard.

Key Points:

  • Scarabs moved first turn and assaulted the Rhino and the Vindicator; The Vindicator’s cannon was blown off and nothing else, and the Rhino lost 1 point all around. The Berserker’s weren’t happy with that.
  • Obviously, a Daemon Prince will both A) Lure a 500+ Point unit around, and B) He eats Warriors GOOD. Bypass Reanimation Protocols by Sweeping a unit.
  • Imotekh’s Night Fight ability is both good and bad. My Demolisher shot scattered first turn, but his immortals were useless the entire game thanks to range.


My friend’s biggest mistake was running a Deathstar unit in an 1k point game without a transport. The unit would have been beast if it had a Night Scythe to get them around; unfortunately, I was able to kite him with the Daemon Prince, which, obviously moves faster than him, and was able to dance around the tabletop.

The Annihilation Barge is meh. I’ll say it right now. Yes, a S6 or S7 weapon is good, but there’s no AP, and its on an open-topped vehicle. Thanks for playing. Keep it a Command Barge, and let your Lord ride around in style.


Imotekh’s Night Fighting ability is good. For the ability to hinder shooting for most of the game and allow for your units to move up into their danger range, its good. I just think there’s better HQ units to run. Hell, I like regular Overlords over him, but that’s just me.

Instead, go with Crypteks; Personally, I like the Harbingers of Despair and Destruction, mainly for the Veil of Darkness (DS!) and the Solar Pulse (Night Fight!). If you wanted a little more fun, I like Transmogrification with the Harp, too.


Finally, I definitely DON’T like MSU in Necrons. I can see it working with Night Scythes, but seeing as there’s no model yet, I don ‘t like to depend on it. Instead, I’d stick with Old School: 20 Warriors and a Necron Lord or Overlord, and maybe a Cryptek.

So the Necrons are very balanced, and remind me of the Dark Eldar. Fragile guys with lots of little tricks and tools to keep them alive. I wish more models were released, but hey, its better than what we had before!

I still need to design a list for my 2500 point list to sell off, but I picked up a Command Barge yesterday, so I’ll have a Command Barge for the Overlord, and a plastic Lord as well.

Whew…long post…I’ll have the Angels Encarmine finished and posted later tonight or tomorrow, but I must say, I’m rather happy with it. I also have a very large commission on its way now from Magilla Gorilla…can’t wait to show that one off!


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