Sunday, November 27, 2011

Painting: MORE Dreadfleet, Grey Knights, Alpha Legion Freehand, and Granesh’s First APOC Game!!!

Hey guys,

WHOA! Busy week! Been taking care of the sick girlfriend, so I’ve been finding time to get some painting in, as well as planning for the Apocalypse game for today. I’ll cover that a little more later…SUSPENSE!

First up is a little more work done on Dreadfleet. So far, I’ve finished:

  • All 7 Cogs
  • The Dirigible and Dragon Auxilleries
  • 3 Ships
  • 1 Island and a Wreck or two


Group shot! First off is the Dragon Auxiliary; I think the blue tint to the white adds a nice touch.



Lots of detail in the wings too!


AHH! Sea Giant! Really strange model, not quite sure I like him as a model…


Lots of Dwarf stuff in here; the dirigible, the wreck, and the Ironclad..


Elven cog! Along with all the other cogs!


Not quite sure if this is done yet…the picture had the stairs this weird, Minas Morgul-esque white and green, so I tried to replicate it. Still looks funky, no matter how I do it…


Oh, and a sneaky-peeky at the Heldenhammer!


Next up is the start to Magilla Gurilla’s Gold and Green Knights! Inquisitor Coteaz: may need to do a Chaos version of him for the Chaos Legion…could be a cool Lord model!


Also done is his Terminator Librarian. This model is a BEAST to paint, lots of little details and obscure things you’d never guess were there! Love this guy though!


Ah, also, got a little freehand done on the Vindicator, just to break up the monotony of painting wrecked ships.



Picture above, its on the shield, gun mount, and Combi-Melta.

Finally, though, I spent all day on my feet, pointing out rules, helping move models, and occasionally shooting my Tau. That’s right, Granesh played his first game of APOCALYPSE! And I must say, it’s a BLAST!


The Game was:

  • 18k Points per side; 3k per side, give or take. I had 2k worth of Tau
  • Formations, FW, whatever. I ran the Farstrike Denial Formation.
  • My Team: Eldar, Dark Eldar, Tau, and more Tau!
  • Opponents: Tyranids, Grey Knights, Blood Angels, Orks, and Imperial Guard (mainly a Baneblade)


I’m just kinda throwing out pictures to break up the text. No, the blue’s not water. I didn’t run my guard because I’m bored of them, and I didn’t run my Alpha Legion, because I don’t have enough of them yet. No, I stuck with the Tau. This will probably be their last time hitting the table as my army, as I’m hoping to sell them off here in the near future (anyone’s interested, drop me an email!).


You can see my Hammerhead, Piranha, and Devilfish hanging out. My first Battlesuit didn’t hit the table until turn two, and that was only a third of them.


Yep, that’s Shas’o and his Bodyguard ready to get in harms way!

But Granesh, they can’t hurt front armor of a Baneblade!

Nope, but his Vortex Grenade can! Two turns later (Genestealers ate their face!), the Vortex Grenade sucked the Baneblade into the warp!


My Flying Stand was a Carnifex for today. LE SIGH.


It took ALL their shooting to shake the Line Breaker Squadron, and finally, one succumbed and was wrecked….


Broadside ended up taking out a Storm Raven.


Orks surveying the battlefield.


Commander Farsight attacking the Sanguinor. Guy didn’t know how nasty the BA angel could be….


Run Fire Warriors, run!

Personal MVPs go to a lone Kroot who, after losing his squad and breaking, managed to kill a single Space Marine while fleeing, as well as the Crisis Suit Commander, for getting his Vortex Grenade where he needed before dying for the Greater Good.

Other MVPs were Eldrad, Tau Ethereals, Farsight, and the Avatar.

All in all, this was a great day of just hanging out, talking 40k, and meeting some great people. Shout outs to (and I’m sure I’ll be forgetting someone….) Jacob, DiAngelo, Steven, Gabe, Andrew, and Marcus!

Alrighty, more painting and projects await tomorrow!



  1. The green on those models looks perfect. Just what I was looking for!

  2. Glad you're happy with them Mags! I can't wait to see what the rest of the army will look like with that green :D