Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Painting: SW Land Raider, DE Warrior, and the Return of the SLW Marines!!!

Hey guys!

So its been a little bit since I’ve posted, I’ve been rolling through commissions and school work lately. I do have some results of my work though!

First off, I’ve had a Dark Eldar Warrior just chilling out on my shelf for a while. Yes, just a SINGLE Warrior. I managed to construct an entire Warrior out of the Bitz Bags my friends and I picked up this summer. I decided that the Kabal of the Flayed Skull:


would work the best. Note that he’s not completely done, but was rather just a test to see if my painting style would rock at Dark Eldar (I think so!)


Nice, simple job, very much down the same lane as the SLW marines and the Khorne Land Raiders I just finished recently.

Speaking of SLW Marines! I decided that my kitbashed Librarian needed a little more paint and his backpack, so I set to work on him.


For those of you interested, he’s mainly an AoBR Captain with a Head and Arms swap with some Sanguinary Guard bitz. Really easy to do, and I’m really happy with him.


Trying some different techniques on the Force Axe. Oh, and just in case you guys forgot about the SLW Marines:


I think if I ever really get around to finishing them, they’ll probably be a Dread-heavy BA army or a MotF army out of the regular Marine Dex. I’ve always loved the idea of a heavy Dreadnought army…hmmm…we’ll see where they go…


Ah, I’m sure my client would be happy to see his new Land Raider in progress so far. I’m still getting some details and things blocked in before I go to town on the weathering and scrapes.


The Shield comes from the WHFB Orcs. I painted the black and the silver, then applied a waterslide transfer. After it had dried, I scored it according to the planking in order to make it look more natural. A light Dheneb Stone highlight really tied it into the yellow behind it. See, Waterslides aren’t cheating! I smell a tutorial…hmmm….

Anyways, I’m hoping to have this baby done tonight or tomorrow afternoon. After that, I’ve got some Khadorian Winter Guard waiting on Dragon Forge bases, as well as a Carnifex and a Valkyrie Base that needs to become my EIGHTH TERVIGON!!! I can’t believe I’ve done so many of them….pictures tomorrow!

Also, in case you haven’t checked the Facebook Page (You don’t need to be a college-aged person to use Facebook guys!), there’s been a couple of sites releasing Pre-Orders for Necrons in advance of GW’s official release of them.

I’m planning on ordering a Codex, but those of you interested in getting a Necron army (and it possibly painted by me *winkwink*), your wait is over!


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