Sunday, October 16, 2011

Painting: Khorne Land Raiders ‘Stheno’ and ‘Euryale’; Thoughts on the Chaos Land Raider

Hey guys,

So its been a quiet week on the blog, but I’ve been chugging along on the Chaos Land Raiders.

First off, if anyone recognizes the names, good for you! If you don’t, I was playing around with the idea of doing a naming triad, and came up, much to my enjoyment, with the Three Sisters of Greek antiquity, the Gorgons. So the first Land Raider is ‘Stheno’ the little known third sister. The second is ‘Euryale’, and the final one is, of course, Medusa. But Medusa's not done yet, so here goes the first two!





The Red is actually layered up from a Scab Red-Black mix, brushed up to an extremely light layer of Blood Red. The Brass is first Calthan Brown, covered by Dwarf Bronze, then finally overbrushed with Chainmail. Markings in Dheneb Stone. I’m hoping to have Medusa done this evening, as well as the Ultramarines Land Raider completely assembled and magnetized by Monday.

Finally, I was reading a post recently (Over at BoLS, I believe) about how the Dark Angels need their overhaul. Now, I won’t disagree here, I’d be down to play Deathwing with a new book! But there was talks about their Land Raiders and the Dark Angel affinity with Plasma, and I got to wondering. What does Chaos need for their Land Raiders?


Now, I understand that Chaos is using Antiquated technology, but they could (and would!)

A) Loot some new variants, or

B) If you can build a Defiler, you can stick a new stupid gun on your tank! Now, this isn’t a ‘Marines get everything cool so they’re stupid-pants!’ post; rather, what would bring CSM back up to their Loyalist brethren’s levels, while still keeping personality with their own stuff! Chaos Marines have things like the

  • Reaper Autocannon: TL Autocannon? Why isn’t this on a Land Raider?!
  • Honestly, Hurricane Bolters fit the whole “We never stole a Storm Bolter, but just stuck a bunch of bolters together’ feel Chaos has.
  • How about God-Specific Weapons? Doombolt-style weapon on your Land Raider? How about a Doom Siren? Actually, God-marked vehicles could be a cool touch…hmmm…

Forge World’s been going to town with Land Raiders recently, maybe take a page from their stuff. I’m not saying that Chaos needs a Thunderfire Cannon on the front of their Melta-ignoring Land Raider, but something that will make their current, Dual Las/Bolter, 10 man POS a little more impressive.

Any thoughts guys? The Ruinous Powers must be a little more inspired than this?!


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