Saturday, October 29, 2011

Modelling: Tervigon #8…More Like Tervigon MKII

Hey guys!

So after finishing that Space Wolves Land Raider, I got to work on my next commission, a single Tyranid Tervigon. Now, this is either #8 or 9, I can’t remember. Anywho, I decided to step up my game and take this one to the next level.

Not that my other ones aren’t awesome, or on top of my game! But I feel, after 8 times, you need to improve a little.

So I’ve extended the torso Horizontally and made her a little bit fatter.


Some plasticard tubing widened the torso, and then it was just a matter of using Greenstuff to make the torso bigger.


I always give my Tervigons Cluster Spines, but to make the Carapace bigger, I trimmed up the Spore Cysts one to help make my job easier.


Still need to do a little smoothing and filing.


The ribs are just Greenstuff, but the spikes, in order to keep the piece symmetrical, are from some of the little spiky bits in the Carnifex box.


*Tyrannosaurus Roar!* Luckily that Chosen has plasma!

Anyways, just a simple update today, I’m hoping to get all the sculpting work done tonight, and should be painting tomorrow. I’ve discovered that Durango FINALLY has a hobby shop, so I’m bringing some fliers and business cards (thanks to my cute graphic designer girlfriend!) down, along with some models to show off. Hopefully, there’ll be more gaming on this blog!



  1. I like how you have widened the torso to make the bug bigger.

    I also extend the tail/waist section to make my Tervi's taller/longer than your normal Fex. I think the combination of the two could work well.

  2. I was playing around with the idea of lengthening the hips and the tail, but opted against it this time. I still have plans at some point to do a nasty Tervigon list, so I'll probably implement it onto my own at some point. I've been trying to stick exclusively to the Carnifex kit, but it might be time to try some Trygon bitz too....

  3. What's the name of the hobbyshop? I'm actually living in Ohio, but am planning on moving to Durango in a few months and am hoping to find some gaming in the area. Any ideas?

  4. Hey Veritology,
    The shop's called Game Space, its website still says its in Pagosa Springs, which is about an hour east, but its here in Durango now. I'll be doing a blog post either tonight or tomorrow with more information on the store, so keep an eye on the blog!