Monday, October 3, 2011

Hobby: New LOGO! And Some Minor Projects

Hey guys,

WOW! Its been a while since I’ve posted. Those of you who don’t follow us on Facebook (SHAME ON YOU, CLICK THE LINK!!!), I’ve been doing some updates over there, namely my crappy Saturday (migraines suck…) and how busy I’ve been with school lately.

Though, thanks to my Digital Media class, I was able to come up with a brand new logo for Smells Like Wargaming! I’ll need to sit down and do some resizing, but I’m fairly happy with it all in all.


I have it set up so I can reverse the colors too, meaning my SLW Marines aren’t obsolete!

Speaking of Marines, as I’d posted on Thursday, I got the 8 Berserkers assembled and based.


However, I’m not putting paint to them for a little bit. I needed to order some FW doors for a client for an upcoming commission, so I got some Forge World Brass Etching ordered along with it. The Berserker kit is so old, I figure the Khorne Etching will add a lot of needed detail to these models, as well as my Khorne Daemon Prince.

Speaking of that Khorne Daemon Prince, I’ve been working on him too! I finally started on the Chainaxe I wanted him to carry.


Yes, it’s a little crude, but Its nowhere near done. I’m also working on his modified armour, the brass etching will look really good on him!DSCF1567 

Makes the Daemon Prince look like he should be T6…

Finally, a little work on that Acolyte/Ministorum Priest while I couldn’t sleep….



I’m trying him from a White Basecoat, kinda like the Imperial Fist I did. Must say, still a fan of the darker look from the Black coat, but we’ll see what I say when he’s all done.

Alrighty guys, I’m off for a study session for Art History (AKA ZZZZZ….I'm a History MINOR, why do I need to be here?!). This week’s big for me as my Sophomore Portfolio Review is on Thursday, so expect some pictures of what I plan on presenting. A little more personal side of Smells Like Wargaming!


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