Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Tutorial: Pimp My Bolter: Combi-Melta

Hey guys,

The tutorial section is coming back! Doing Tutorial Tuesdays really kicked my butt. Keeping up with new projects and styles without reverting to “This is how to paint *insert color here*!” So they’ll be a rarer occurrence, but will be back!

As us Marine and Chaos Marine players know, getting your hands on Combi-Weapons sucks. The bits are extremely rare, only coming on the Commander sprue, and will go for insane amounts on Bitz sites.

So here’s installment one: Combi-Meltas. I plan on doing an easy Vehicle installment too, but all in good time.

Here’s the current plastic bit:


Here’s mine! Note I did use a Chaos Bolter; either works, obviously.


Quick, easy, and good looking!

Parts Needed

Space Marine Bolter (CSM works too)

Meltagun Nozzle

Plasticard Rod (Square Strips)


1) Shave the top details off of the Bolter.


2) Glue two strips of Plasticard, roughly the length of the detail you shaved off, together, then to the bolter.


3) Shave down the back end of the plasticard strips, and make sure everything’s straight, level, and where you want it.


4) Remove the Melta Nozzle, and glue it to the blank spot above the Bolter Muzzle.


5) Cut down a third piece of plasticard to about 3/4ths the length of the other pieces, and affix it midway on the top of the bolter.


6) Angle the back of the dual strip, and you’re done! You can add little details, like a Flamer canister for the detail on the side of the Meltagun.

7) Find a model for it to go on! Here, its going to my Chaos Chosen I’m working on: 4 Combi-Weapons and a Meltagun ftw!


Next up, Combi-Plasma! I have some good ideas for it, but I’m still deciding what and how to do it.

Alrighty, I hope this gets your Marines ready to pop tanks on the cheap! I’ll have some shots of the Tiger Shark soon, as well as my Chaos Marines!



  1. Thanks man! I'm still designing the Combi-Plasma, so I'd expect that around the weekend or so.