Sunday, September 18, 2011

Slow Hobby Weekend on the SLW Front…

Hey guys,

Sorry for the slow weekend this week. School’s kicked itself into high gear, and as such, I’ve been stuck at my computer working on a 10 Page paper for my Global Christianity class. A fun little endeavour, though the class feels biased and the professor doesn’t want a bibliography page or citations, so I feel like I’m just kinda regurgitating information and smashing my head against the wall. Did find a neat illustration that would do well for all you Nurgle players out there though!


The Lord of the Flies

On top of schoolwork, Fallout: New Vegas, has caught my attention again. I’ve only played through it once on my roommate’s Lvl 20 character so I could go around and shoot everyone, so its nice to enjoy the story for real this time. Lost 330 chips at The Tops yesterday, though it was all through Legion Denarius I didn’t know I had….

Have no fears though! The painting bug is coming back, and I’m feeling the need to finish the Princes of Ecstasy Terminators here soon, so keep an eye open!


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