Monday, September 5, 2011

Preview: Fully Magnetized GK Dreadknight; Checking out a ‘Local Shop’

Hey guys,

So I’ve been a busy bee this weekend. First up, I got to play the Space Marine demo, as well as beat the Kill Teams game, and I must say, I’m sold!

The Kill Team game is a blast to zone out on. It has a Gauntlet feel to it, which is perfect in my book. I played the Vanguard Veteran from Start to Finish, and he was a blast! Lightning Claw/Plasma Pistol FTW!

The Space Marine game is going to be awesome. The combat mechanism is a little clunky, and you have to perform finishers to get health back, but the bolter recoils in your hands and barks, the jump pack is a ton of fun, and you feel like you have the power of a Space Marine. Just look out for Nobz, they’ll eat your face (or squish it, in my case…)

I got word the other day that there was a local hobby shop (local being an hour) from my College campus in Durango, so I grabbed my buddies and we hit the road. Minus some overheating car problems, the trip was fine.

The shop was fairly meh, unfortunately. They had some 40k stock, which was nice, but the customer service was subpar and the shop didn’t have the friendliest vibe to it. I did, however, promote SLW a little, as well as pick up my newest project….



That’s right, a Nemesis Dreadknight. The plan is to paint this sucker up and throw it up on the For Sale tab of my site. All you GK players checking out the blog, keep an eye out by the end of the week if you’re interested. ‘What’s so special, besides your paintjobs?’ you say?


This baby’s totally magnetized!


From the torso…


To the weapons. The Greatsword, Daemonhammer, Doomfist, and Heavy Psilencer/Gatler/Flamer, all able to be switched out as desired!


Not as bad as I thought, though magnetizing him was a bitch!

He’s based, and will be primered tomorrow! Get ready, I’ll be going to town on this model!


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