Wednesday, September 28, 2011

For Sale: Painted KFF Big Mek

Hey guys,

So I’d been pondering whether or not I should get rid of this model, but I finally decided that he’d be better off leading a mob of orks somewhere, rather than just sit on my shelf with a Big Shoota and a Grot.



This is the old Pewter model, so he’s a little fragile. The model has been given a coat of Matte Varnish, and the paint will not chip.

Painted up in a pseudo-Goff scheme, he’s complimented by warm blues and reds. You can see in the second picture that the pack and his smock is actually a defiled Crimson Fists banner. Take that, favored of Dorn!

One of my favorite pieces I’ve done, I’d love to see him go to a loving home. For those of you interested, he’ll be going up on eBay for $40, which is actually cheaper than getting this piece commissioned through me. Don’t miss out on a beautiful and important piece for your Orks!

As for my other stuff, I’m struggling through the Terminators, as my pink is starting to run out…damn GW and their Tentacle Pink…pictures later!


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