Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Hobby: Alpha Legion, Khorne, and Rogue Trader!

Hey guys,

Late night post this time, gotta love the occasional bout of insomnia, ya know?

First off, I finally sat down and rocked out the final biker for my Alpha Legion. You wouldn’t think a squad of 4 would take that long to do…ugh.




‘For the Emperor!’

Also, in progress is the last biker I have at the moment. I’ve done two squads, one Alpha Legion, one Khornate, so I need two more Khorne Bikers to finish out what I need.


Aspiring Champion


Current one in progress. The back pieces are from the WoC Warriors kit with the arms filed off. I must say, Zerkers belong on bikes!

Speaking of Khorne, my box of Berserkers should be in tomorrow! Now, to drop a current commission that’ll be coming in in the next week or so, I’m doing 3 Khorne Land Raiders for a gentleman in Australia.

He wanted FW doors for them, so I’ve been trying to get the site to work, and order them, along with some Khorne Brass Etching. As most CSM players know, the Zerker kit is HORRIBLY outdated…bulky sculpts, old backpacks, an ugh endeavour all around. Hopefully, the brass will really bring the models out. Hopefully.


Finally, the majority of Saturday was spent with the hobby group, playing our first Rogue Trader Campaign. I’m GMing this time, but since no one decided to play the Rogue Trader, I took the initiative and designed the suave, bombastic Rogue Trader Ricardo von Dross, and his ship, The Unit of the Emperor. Here’s his first game appearance:

The group hushes as a petite, yet inspiring man, appears. He has an Air of Authority and sense of purpose behind him. A light, pencil-thin moustache sits above a smirking smile. His Purple cloak flows and bellows behind him, reflecting off of his Golden Artificer Armour, a gift for his actions on Jericho’s Reach. On his left, a Power Sword bounces lightly in its sheath, while on his right hangs a beautifully ornate Plasma Pistol, a family heirloom. A smoking Bolt Pistol is in his hand. This is Lord-Captain Ricardo von Dross: Son of Padilus, Emancipator of Jericho’s Reach. He is a hero of no small measure in this area, and the party stands there, awed and amazed.

That was fun to write. Anyways, started off the party against a minor Ork invasion, and a Necron Tomb Raid. I still have a ton of work to do to get to the level of story I want to present, but it turned out rather well for my first go in a bit. Expect more updates as the storyline goes.

Alrighty, Khorne, Slaanesh, and school planned for tomorrow. Should be a busy day!


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