Friday, July 15, 2011

Painting: Wolves, Rhinos, and Iron Within, Iron Without

Hey guys,

Late night with Granesh! I love being a night owl, except when I have to work in the morning….oops…

Anyways, so I got off work today and sat down to work on my current Space Wolves commission.

First off, some Grey Hunters:


I also finished the final Wolf Guard and the Rune Priest today!



The Frost Blade came out much better than I expected it.


Finally, a family shot of some finished guys:


I’ve got 19 models finished (bar the bases) out of 46, so I’m almost halfway there! More work tomorrow after work!

The other day, Brother Yotakka, Jimmy diGriz, Xata, and I, were putting around the War Store, when Jimmy put out a request for another Bitz Bag. We’d picked up one my Freshman year of college and spent an hour digging through everything, so I obliged. Xata and Yotakka were interested too, so I picked up two, as well as some stuff for my new Daemon Prince, and we all split the cost.

Rather than get dinero from Xata, however, he hooked me up with a rather beat up Rhino. I don’t have any pre-pictures, but the bottom plate was glued at the wrong angle, it didn’t really fit together, and there was some tread missing.

Finishing the Grey Hunters, I figured I’d do some personal pieces. I pulled out my Dremel and my bitz box, and turned the Rhino into:


Can’t even tell there was anything wrong! The Combi-Melta is just one of the Bolter muzzles cut off and replaced with the head from a Meltagun.

The side art is based off of the old Index Astartes book’s entry for the Alpha Legion. I just imagine the Legion, hiding away in the seamy underbelly of a Hive, recruiting new Cultists, having their disguised vehicles accidentally tagged by a young whippersnapper.


Start to some new Freehand too! Hoping to have it turn out like:


Lastly, I’ve been playing around with some ideas for my Chaos. I like themed armies, but the idea of doing a random mismatch of units, unified by a central force, sounds like more fun.

So my idea is to run the Alpha Legion as the central figures for my Chaos, and potentially, as a “Loyalist” Marine force when I decide I want to paint a Thunderfire or something like that. Other branching units, such as Berserkers, Noise Marines, etc., will be done in their usual colors as a group enlisted by the Alpha Legion. Even things like Havocs will be done in separate Legions; why would the Alpha Legion sit back and fortify a position when they could be stirring trouble.

Enter the Iron Warriors.


Arbitrary Bolter guys right now, I’ll be picking up and magnetizing a box of Devastators at some point to create the unit. I’m rather happy with them so far, especially the Hazard Stripes and the Skintone.


Arms from the MK3 Marines worked a charm!


Little mistake with my bottle of superglue on his chest….oops. Can’t really tell though, and doesn’t take away from the model.

Alrighty guys, the next two days are the most busiest at my other job, so probably a slow weekend, barring Sunday. Plans for more Wolves and maybe the Rhino to get finished!

Oh, and to keep the teaser from last post going:


The legs are finished so far, though I must say, I’m not happy with him. More pictures next time!


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