Tuesday, July 12, 2011

For Sale: AoBR Imperial Fists

Hey guys,
So after some decisions, ideas, and just some group thoughts, I’ve decided to put the Imperial Fists up for sale.

The force is 665 Points, and is comprised of:
  • Space Marine Captain “Medici”, armed with a Power Sword and Bolter.
  • 10 Man Tactical Squad armed with a Powerfist, Flamer, and Missile Launcher.
  • 5 Man Tactical Terminator Squad armed with an Assault Cannon and Chainfist.
  • Dreadnought “Roma” armed with Multi-Melta and Storm Bolter.
The force is an excellent start to an Imperial Fists army, and can be added to and played both competitively and in fun games. The force has additional bitz, such as the Assault Cannon, Chainfist, Powerfist, etc., to make the Assault on Black Reach set a more viable and playable force on the tabletop, while still keeping the force looking unique and different than other Marine forces.




I’m starting by listing the army up on eBay here: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=290586619672 for $155.; this is the basic cost of the Marines and their respective pricing via my Commissions.

The army is also at the right spot to build upon efficiently and in many different directions.

Another Tactical Squad and some Rhinos makes the Troops more effective. A Drop Pod with Locator Beacon means both the Dread and the Terminators drop in safely and in position to mess up an enemy. Add in a Master of the Forge and run more Dreadnoughts! Lysander’s Bolter Drill and Stubborn would make the Tactical Terminators an effective shooting and counter-assaulting unit. Add in a Vindicator for some added blasts, and you’ve got yourself an army.

Commission the rest of your army through me, and I’ll have it produced quickly, safely, and ready to destroy the enemies of the Imperium!

Alrighty guys, more Space Wolves up tomorrow, as well as a little progress on the Warhound!


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