Saturday, June 4, 2011

Painting/Modeling: Granesh’s Random Projects

Hey guys,

So I’ve got a couple of things to show off today, mainly just goofy painting projects and a *gasp* terrain project!

First off is my bored painting project: Imperial Fists! I have a ton of Army Painter Daemonic Yellow left from that old Imperial Fists Commission, so I decided to spray some old AoBR Marines I had lying around.



Its not my regular style as this requires a colored primer and a wash to get the base color done, but it looks great when combined with good detail work!


I’m sure these guys will become an army at some point, but not for a while, unfortunately. I also have some Terminators that might become Fists too, so we’ll see where that goes.


Oops, I forgot to get pictures of the Nurgle Banner…anyways, here’s the start to the Tzeentch Icon Bearer. While they can’t actually take Icons, it looks great and reinforces the Chaos feel.

Finally, I sat down with Jimmy deGriz yesterday and worked on Campaign ideas (more in the future!) and some terrain. When I ordered my Super Glue from The War Store, I also got some replacement wire for my Hot Foam Cutter.


Just a simple hill mounted on a piece of MDF board. I still need to put some flock on it, but other than that, its done! I’ve been wanting to do some more natural terrain like this, so I should have some more hills, maybe some spires, etc., in the future.

This is Jimmy deGriz’ project, an Imperial Comms Tower.


Excellent use of a weird piece of junk, some bitz, and some leftover Guitar wire!

He also introduced me to Deadpool….



More pictures as I finish projects!



  1. Thanks man! I built and nearly finished a Khorne Berserker yesterday, I should have pics up in a bit!