Thursday, June 2, 2011

Finished: Grand Master Mordrak/GK Banner; Something Sinister Awaits…

Hey guys!

So after a day of painting, Grand Master Mordrak of the Grey Knights is finished! He’s a simple model, built entirely from the Grey Knights Terminator box, mounted on a Scibor resin base. The client wanted glowing eyes on Mordrak, and coupled with the ghosts on the base, really tie the model together as a whole.




The client also wanted the banner done to match the one on GW’s site. While not quite as intricate, it still will look great on a Terminator!



And together:


Also, I mentioned briefly the next addition for my Servants of Slaughter Guard add-ons. For the last four years, I’ve had the old Battle for Skull Pass set sitting in my parent’s basement with no goals to paint or do anything with them. I managed to sell off the Dwarves two years ago, but I’ve had all the goblins waiting for a use. Until now.


Behold, my Mutant Rabble! Inspired by Dave Taylor’s Pater Sin Psyker squad, these conversions require very little work. The biggest challenge is to keep the green stuff smooth and consistent.


As you can see, with the hoods clipped down, as well as the nose and chins, and a little greenstuff, these models work perfectly as the deformed rabble ready to drown the Imperium of Man. Statswise, they’re more like close-combat Conscripts, thanks to their Close-Combat Weapon and Laspistol. They can be accompanied by an Enforcer (Commissar), though I haven’t thought up a model for that yet.

My plan is a squad of 40, 10 for each God of Chaos, all converted and modified. Hopefully, I don’t burn myself out!

Finished shots tomorrow, and hopefully, I’ll get around to that Combi-Melta tutorial, though we’ll see what the day has in stock. Also remember, the Arvus is up on eBay now, so go pick up a Smells Like Wargaming original!



  1. Nice work! I like the mutant rabble and the terminator's OSL eyepieces especially

  2. Thanks deathkorps! I think the rabble has turned out especially well so far for a first model, so I can't wait to see what 40 will look like!