Friday, June 24, 2011

Painting WIP: Da Mekz Shop, Part Un

Hey guys,

So just a quick update this afternoon, I haven’t had a lot of time for painting in the last couple of days, so my progress has been to a minimum.

Anyways, I wanted to break out the FW Weathering Powders and my new Testors Decal Setting Solution, and try them on something that could be a good practice canvas.

So, the hut has gone from:




The Decal solution got the ork decals on the banner quickly and easily with no real problems whatsoever.


The Oil Stains are a mix of Black Soot weathering powder and a little water: It made this really nice, kinda thick sludge that, when applied, really gave a stained, dirty look.


The rusting is just a Rust powder applied in a drybrush fashion over the barrel. The oil stains on the ground is the same as above, but with some gloss varnish mixed in for the shine.


And it matches my basing!

I’m hoping to have it done tonight. Also, no real updates this weekend, as I’m going on a mini vacation for my birthday Saturday (Big 2-0 baby!).