Thursday, June 23, 2011

Painting: Alpha Legion Biker Champion; Da Mekz Shop

Hey guys,

So a late night update tonight! I would have posted this this afternoon, but waking up to friends wanting to go sit by a body of water all day was too good to pass up.

Anyways, here’s my Alpha Legion Biker Champion, ready to crush the skulls of his foes beneath him!


His weird angle means its hard to catch his good side…chaotic side….whatever…



“For the Emperor!”


It didn’t turn out too well in the pictures, but his skin is done with a really dark base, complimented by some really light highlights; he has a weathered, scarred face that really lends the Chaos look to him.

Also, a little project I’ve had in various stages of completion for a while. For those of you who don’t know, my favorite aspect to the Orks is the Meks. Da Buildin’, da crumpin’, seein’ if da grot getz sukked inta da exhaust…awesome! So after I did Yotakka’s Big Mek:


I made him his Hut:



The hut is made from thin foamboard with a  PVA-coated napkin for the roof (Interesting textures). The tank is a tin can glued down to a base.


I prefer Speed Freaks over da rest. Anyways, I’m getting a little work done on the hut, as well as my next Plasma Gun biker, then hopefully, the Marines get to hit the table soon!


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  1. Great looking minis there - i especially love the Bik Mek's Hut!