Monday, June 27, 2011

Painting: Alpha Legion Daemon Prince, Army Add-ons, and Finecast.

Hey guys,

Sorry for the lack of posts this weekend, I was in the big city for my 20th Birthday! I did meet a gentleman at the Hobbytown USA in Fort Collins, CO, who recognized the site through the Independent Characters forum. Guess I’m famous! So if you’re reading guy with Slaanesh/Tzeentch Chaos Marines, welcome!

Anyways, besides some clothes, music, etc., I did get a couple of hobby gifts. First up is a Daemon Prince. I’ve already set to work on him, and I must say, he’s a great model. This is the 3rd one I’ve done, so I’m not new to the model, but it has so many opportunities for personality and conversion, its not funny.




I’m really happy with everything so far, especially the smashed Crimson Fist under the rubble. It gives the Prince a more bestial, brutal look. The list calls for two, so the next one will be a heavily converted Khorne Daemon Prince. He’ll probably still be Nurgle/Warptime, but bleh, whatever. He’ll end up with the armored mask from the Defiler kit, and a converted Chainaxe to replace the Sword or Axe. That’s in the future.

Speaking of Khorne, my little bro hooked me up with a box of Chaos Bikers. The metal bitz will make it really easy to do the Khorne theme.


Skull Champion anyone?


Before I go on, I did get to look at some Citadel Finecast that was on the shelves in Hobbytown USA. From the 5 blisters I looked at (Stern, Abbadon, Grimgor Ironhide), everything was immaculate. No bubbles, no warping, no problems. I almost picked up Abbadon for the hell of it. Do NOT worry about Finecast models.

Well it seems GW’s site is down at the moment, so I won’t go into my Storm of Magic impressions, but expect that tomorrow night!



  1. Great work, nice colour scheme and I to like the smashed Crimson Fist, good stuff.

  2. Very nice! Check out the Ork Nobs/Kans/Dread parts for some large chainblades for the Khorne guy, might be something you can use.

  3. @Warflake: Thanks man!

    @SonsofTaurus: Good idea, I've got a couple arms from the Killa Kans sitting around, those would work perfectly, and be easier than just totally scratchbuilding it!


  4. I was also thinking if you could find some Inquisitor-scale chainswords those would be of a good size.