Saturday, June 11, 2011

Painting: Imperial Fist Tactical Squad and Terminators; Khornate Chaos List

logo Imperial Fists

Hey guys,

Just a quick update tonight!

First off, thanks to Snake Eyes over at Table Top War for the kind words about his commission he got from me! I’m trying to find time to get your extra Shotgun Scout done, probably next week man!

Secondly, I’m almost finished with the Imperial Fist group! My goal was most of the AoBR box:

1 Captain (Power Sword/ Bolt Pistol)

10 Tactical Marines (Flamer/ Missile Launcher/ Power Fist)

5 Tactical Terminators

Right now, the Captain, 10 Tactical Marines, and 2 Terminators are finished. Group shots on the Tactical Marines tomorrow, but I’ll post everything so far right now.



Tactical Squad






Whew, almost finished!

Also, I wanted to share my first initial Chaos List. Written by myself and my buddy, Brother Yotakka, I’m really happy with the list so far.


  • Daemon Prince with Mark of Nurgle, Wings, and Warptime.
  • EITHER a :

Daemon Prince with Mark of Nurgle, Wings, and Warptime, OR

Chaos Lord with Lightning Claw, Combi-Melta, Personal Icon, Mark of Khorne, on a Bike.

  • Summoned Greater Daemon


  • NONE


  • 10 Man Chaos Marine Squad with 2 Flamers, Icon of Khorne, Power Weapon, Melta Bombs, in a Rhino with Daemonic Possession and Combi-Melta.
  • 8 Man Khorne Berserker Squad with a Skull Champion with Power Fist.
  • 9 Man Summoned Daemon Squad.
  • 9 Man Summoned Daemon Squad.


  • 4 Man Chaos Biker Squad with 2 Plasma Guns, Icon of Khorne, and Melta Bombs.
  • 4 Man Chaos Biker Squad with 2 Plasma Guns, Icon of Khorne, and Melta Bombs.


  • Land Raider with Daemonic Possession.


I know, strange looking army. It’s a very fast, hard-hitting army that requires you to get into your opponent’s face as quickly as possible. The Biker Squads are there to get your Summoned Daemons into CC quickly, while still being protected by their 3+ Turbo.

The Daemon Princes are a good support for the Daemons, while the Lord is swapped in for fun, character-driven games.

The Land Raider plays an objective camping and support unit. “Oh, I’m about to lose my home objective? Good Luck!”

The Chaos Marine squad is a mean troops choice that can effectively wound both Hordes and Marines, while still being able to assault a target and cause some damage. The Combi-Melta on the Rhino helps for the occasional Armor popping.

All in all, it’s crazy fun to play, looks fun to pain, and a total departure from my Imperial Guard. I have three bikers on their way right now, so expect pictures as I get to work on those! I may even enter into the IC’s Painting Competition with this army, so keep an eye out over there!



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