Thursday, June 9, 2011

Painting: Imperial Fists Captain and Marines

logo Imperial Fists

Hey guys,

So just a quick update today!

First off: I’M BUILDING A NEW ARMY!! The Chaos taint has finally taken hold, and with my friend’s help, we’ve written up a Khornate list I really like! I beat his orks 12 KP to 5 the other night, so I think it’ll be fun. Expect *GASP* Chaos Bikers!

Secondly, I’m continuing on the Imperial Fists. I’m thinking that these guys will go up for sale when I’m finished; If I want to do a Fists army, AoBR Marines are cheap as chips!

First, the Captain. He’s based off the scheme in Index Astartes II.


Medici keeps the “Roma” fluff in mind and works nicely as a Captain’s name.

Also done are two more Tac Marines.


I have three more on my desk waiting for some paint, so I’ll probably work on them tonight.


Family shot! Finally, a WIP Tac Terminator.


He’s coming along alright, though I feel like he’ll be missing something in the end. Maybe a Black Powerfist? Ideas?

Finally, for those of you interested, the Arvus Lighter has found a new home. Goodbye to one of my favorite models in my collection.




  1. That is a very nice yellow. I suck at painting yellow.

  2. Nice models, and yes, making the power fist black would look good. Since you do nice freehand (like the Medici banner), you might try painting green laurels on the power fist. It'd look sweet!

  3. Thanks guys!
    The Yellow is actually a method I don't use often. Its Daemonic Yellow Army Painter Spray, washed with Ogryn Flesh. I don't use that method on almost any of my commissions, but when it comes to Fists....
    @Deathkorps: Thanks man! I figured the black would break everything up. As for the Laurel...I never thought of that...good idea!