Wednesday, May 25, 2011

In Progress: Exalted Champion of Khorne, Part Deux

Hey guys,

Really quick update! I have tomorrow off, and with my current lull in commissions, I’ll have time to finish building my Champion of Khorne for my Servants of Slaughter list. Just a single picture to wet your whistle:


I’ll give away all my building secrets when he’s finished! Hopefully I’ll get a small game in with the army list tonight so I can decide where I want him to go!



  1. He's looking awesome mate. I can tell he's gonna look so badass.

  2. I like that helmet, where did you locate that? And that combi-weapon looks great too! Do you happen to have a tutorial for something like that?

    "The Initiate" -

  3. @Warflake: Thanks, I tried him out yesterday. His lack of Invul hurts him, but he should cause some trouble before he dies.

    @ServvsUmbrarum: The Helmet is from the WFB Warriors of Chaos kit with the horns removed. As for the Combi-Melta, I don't have a tutorial, but I'll try to do one, probably Saturday. If I forget, message me again and I tell you how I did it.