Sunday, May 29, 2011

In Progress: Exalted Champion of Khorne, Part Trois, Mordrak, and Combat Patrol

Hey guys,

Sorry for the sparse updates lately, 12-8 shifts in a kitchen can really kill your painting mojo. But fear not! I’m still here!

First off, I’ve been putting a little more work into the Champion of Khorne…ok, MORE than a little work. Last you saw him, he looked like this:


Well, now he looks like:


I’m really pleased with this figure so far. The red is a new technique for me. I was playing around with creating a neutral basetone using Complimentary colors, in this case, Scab Red and Orkhide Shade. The other complimentary colors, in this case, are blue and orange, and purple and yellow. The red and green made that strange maroon color you can see on his leg armor. The other intention of this piece is to practice keeping most colors toned down and more dark. Even the blue marine helmet on the ground is more subdued than usual, as are the grenades and the red armor.


Really pleased with the lightning claws, probably my favorite energy weapon to date.


I’ll be doing a tutorial on Combi-weapons in the next week or so, hopefully. Really easy to do, just make sure you have your plasticard strips ready!

Up on the commission block right now is Grand Master Mordrak. I can’t wait to do this model! The client wants him done in standard Grey Knights colors, and wants glowing eyes on the model. Easy enough!


That’s also a Scibor resin base he’s standing on. First time working with one of those bases, they’re beautiful! Lots of detail, little mold release, a painters dream!

And finally, some Combat Patrol games. I’ll be explaining my 40k Con situation in the next couple of days, but just a hint, Combat Patrol sounds like a blast! I’ve had a couple of lists drawn up. My favorite, though it works really poorly, was:

Adeptus Arbites Team (Witch Hunters)

  • Palatine with Bolt Pistol and Brazier of Holy Fire
  • 2X 8 Man Adeptus Arbites Squad (IST with Shotguns) with Flamer and Meltagun in a Rhino with Extra Armour and Dozer Blade. Sergeant has a Combi-Flamer.

While a fun, themed list, it just doesn’t have the men on the field or the survivability to make it in Combat Patrol. I’ll probably play around with lists some more, but right now, that ones on backburner. My most successful list was an all Mech Plague Marine CSM list which was pretty brutal, especially thanks to flamers.

Anyways, I’ll put up more Combat Patrol lists as I pick and choose things. I do have some pictures from our last games though.


Jimmy deGriz borrowing my dudes. “Suffer not the unpainted to live!”


I believe that was my Khorne Berserkers (proxy, of course) getting smushed by a 30 man Boyz Squad with Klaw….damn Klaws…

Alrighty. I have Wed-Friday off this week, so I’ll be devoting those days to sleep and 40k! More pictures up soon!

Finally, good luck to everyone at Kubla Con! I’m sure its over, but its never too late to wish players good luck, right?


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