Friday, April 8, 2011

Painting: Smells Like Razorback and Commission Tau; Ideas for Plastic Inq. Henchmen

Hey guys,

So a couple of things today. First off, I have an acquaintance who’s currently building a Grey Knights army. While we were talking, he started talking about how expensive the metal Retinue models GW make are. So I got to thinking, how could you make the retinues in plastic using existing GW models? I’ve got a couple of ideas, but I’ll do a whole post on it tomorrow, just to get the creative juices flowing.

Anyways, on to the Commission! I’ve been rolling through them, not quick as quick as last time, but I’m done with the 3 Piranhas.




I’ve designated them by colors, mainly to be able to field them as two squadrons of two. I’ve already done one prior to this.


I’m hoping to have the 1st XV9 suit done tonight, as well as start on the Hammerhead or Devilfish. I should have a good chunk done by the end of the weekend!

Also coming along is Titian Squad’s Razorback.


The turret isn’t finished, but its coming along nicely.


Titian detail.


Just another angle on the vehicle too. I’m having some troubles deciding on what I want to do with the Rhino top hatch in terms of decoration. The Tactical Arrow just doesn’t look right.

Finally, for kicks and giggles, a Tau Piranha wanders onto a damaged marine Convoy and wishes they hadn’t.



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