Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Painting: SLW Transport & Desert Tau Commission; Thoughts: New Tomb Kings

Hey guys,

So its been a slow two days on the blog, my apologies. School has caught up a little bit, as well as that Desert Tau Commission that came in! The Tau, minus the Crisis Suits, are assembled. The Suits are waiting on magnets to get everything set up and magnetized.

Anyways, lets hit the first things. First off is some preliminary shots of my first Smells Like Wargaming Marines Rhino/Razorback.


I’m planning on doing all the vehicles with Renaissance-style artist’s names: Titian, Raphael, Brunelleschi, etc. I’m really happy with the weathering too!


The Smells Like Wargaming logo couldn’t have come out better! Maybe the “L” in Like…

I’m also planning on doing some fun, goofy edits on the Grimdark quotes in the marines books, like “Suffer Not the Unpainted to Live”, etc. If you guys have any ideas for quotes, please leave them in the comments!

Next up is the state of affair for the Tau Commission. They’re presently all assembled and primed!


Pre-Prime….and here’s the XV9 Hazard Suits pre-assembly


Scrubbed down courtesy of the Smells Like Wargaming Resin Scrubbing Implement…what do you mean that’s just a toothbrush?


Alrighty, time for another of Granesh’s Thoughts sections. If you all keep an eye on Games Workshop’s website, its been taken over by the undead hordes of Khemri. Now, I’ve been into Egyptian history for almost 10 years now, and can’t get enough of the stuff. So when I heard about a new Tomb Kings book, I couldn’t wait to see the new models that came out with them! And, to be honest, I’m really disappointed with the new figures. Lets break them down:


Khemrian Warsphinx/Necrosphinx: What the hell is that? Since when the hell are Sphinx’ centaurs? The model just looks goofy. The tail is too weird, the undead Sphinx head is alright, and the whole model as a whole is, to me, a big fail. It might just be the paintjob, kinda like how the Minotaurs and Hellpit Abomination looked. I really hope its just a meh paintjob by ‘eavy Metal…


Tomb Kings Necropolis Knights: Snake Statues? Really? And why the hell are there Skeletons riding it?! The fluff has them as “Border Guardians”. Do you need Skeletons on them? At least the Tomb Scorpion is cool and has a Liche Priest entombed in it. Could be an interesting painting project. COULD.

Tomb Kings Tomb Guard: Cool models, the old metals ones were nice. My one gripe is their description: “These partially MUMMIFIED warriors…” Does GW know what mummification is? A mummy looks like:


Not a skeleton! The one on the right looks like Old Lemartes came back to Fantasy too….

The old models, although old, were cool. Ushabti, Scorpions, Chariots, etc., all held the old New Kingdom Egyptian feel. These? Not so much. My one gem though is the Plastic Tomb King on the Sphinx sprue. Will definitely be getting one of those, if only through a bitz store.

Thoughts? Comments? Do you like the new Tomb Kings? Or are they crap? Comment below!



  1. Hmmmm...I don't play fantasy currently, but if I started up an army I would play Tomb Kings. I have also been fascinated with Egyptian history. In fact, I have a mummy tattooed on my right arm, because of my love for all things ancient Egyptian. As far as the new models are concerned, I am split on the new models. I like the Necrosphinx/Warsphinx and the Sepulchral Stalkers a lot. However, I am not a fan of the Necropolis Knights which just seem goofy to me. Also I agree on the Tomb Guard which definitely do not look mummified, and the price for 10 of them is just obscene. While I like the overall style of the models, the ornamentation is a change from the previous New Kingdom vibe that the army used to have across the line.

  2. Btw...It warms my green heart to see my favorite skumgrod having the rest of his Tau painted ;)

  3. See, I think its just the Necrosphinx I hate, the Warsphinx is actually kinda cool and actually LOOKS like a sphinx! The Tomb Guard is definitely overpriced, though the models look ok. The New Kingdom vibe is what made the army though, I hope it doesn't disappear entirely!
    As for the Tau, I'll have pictures up later. Careful, Fusion Blaster Piranhas don't like Trukks :)

  4. awsome weathering on the tank. and the sphink is cool... just not what a sphinx looks like in any other game/discription.
    and im not supprized that 10 models costs an arm and a leg from gw